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Monthly payment

150 /month
  • Includes every feature

  • Unlimited projects

  • Unlimited users



free of charge
  • Free registration

  • 6 months free use

  • Use the benefits of the contractboard

Annual payment

1700 /year
  • Includes every feature

  • Unlimited projects

  • Unlimited users

The become-a-pro contractboard – everything you need

All-in-one platform

A revolutionary tool in contract management. The become-a-pro contractboard links all relevant systems and requirements for efficient contract management.

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Sponsorship and contract overview

Manage all sponsorships including contracts in one tool.

Task management

Create Tasks and coordinate all relevant tasks in the tool.

contract fulfillment

Check the performance of all contract contents.


Be Always up to date through push notifications and e-mail reminders.

Address management

Get an overview of all your partners' contact details in one tool.

Athlete acquisition

Receive proposals of potential athletes according to specially defined criteria.

Frequently asked questions

Are the first six months free of charge?
If you have taken out a subscription in December, you will not incur any costs until June 2022 and you can use all the features of the contractsboard without any restrictions. The registration is free of Charge, too.
How are the payments billed??
The contractboard can be billed monthly or by an annual advance payment.
What is the difference between sponsorings and contracts?
Sponsorings are the general cooperation with the collaboration partner. Various contracts with different contract contents and conditions can be assigned to a sponsoring.
Do I have to cancel within the trial period?
No, the subscription ends when the free 6 months trial expires.
How many sponsorships can be created?
After the first release, unlimited sponsorships can be created.
How many employees can use the tool?
After the first release, an unlimited number of users can work with the tool.

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