A better way to organize sponsorings

Manage and organize your partnerships holistically and clearly in one tool. Manage all sponsorships including contracts, benefit from the in-tool communication and the integrated task and deadline management.

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The become-a-pro contractboard – everything you need

All-in-one platform

A revolutionary tool in contract management. The become-a-pro contractboard links all relevant systems and requirements for efficient contract management.

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Sponsorship and contract overview

Manage all sponsorships including contracts in one tool.

Task management

Create Tasks and coordinate all relevant tasks in the tool.

contract fulfillment

Check the performance of all contract contents.


Be Always up to date through push notifications and e-mail reminders.

Address management

Get an overview of all your partners' contact details in one tool.

Athlete acquisition

Receive proposals of potential athletes according to specially defined criteria.

A better way to manage contracts

The become-a-pro contract board is a revolutionary tool in contract management. The place for all sponsorships - the place for all contracts.

Be on top in sponsoring services

The contractboard allows you to manage all sponsorships including contracts with different partners in one tool.

Sponsorship and contract management

Create all your sponsorships in the tool and have all your cooperations in one tool. A number of contracts with different contract contents can be assigned to each sponsorship. All your cooperations summarized in one tool

Contract design

Create your contracts with cooperation partners directly in the contractboard, design the contract contents and conditions according to your wishes and assign all contracts to the sponsorships of the company.

Overview of progress and fulfillment of contracts

Check performance and contract fulfillment through the in-tool upload and download function.

Keep up with important Things

Always be up to date with the integrated task management. Create in-tool tasks and optimize your own task management.

On a mission to empower teams

Our goal is to digitalize and automate the sponsoring process for athletes and sponsors. Thanks to our innovative solutions in sports sponsoring, become-a-pro offers the perfect platform to connect athletes and sponsors. Matching athlete profiles can be found using search and filter functions. An AI-based social media analysis of all registered athletes and automated material sponsoring, sponsors can significantly optimize their sponsorship process. Our new solution - the become-a-pro contractboard - is the new Game Changer in sports sponsorsing and contract management.


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